Universities are becoming business driven

Universities are becoming business driven

People globally now see universities and institutions of higher learning as businesses.

Higher education is no longer what it used to be decades ago. Today, what it used to mean has completely changed its meaning, and in the public eye, these institutions have fallen in public esteem and support. Colleges all over the world today paramountessays.com are seen as too elitist. Some others see institutions of higher learning as liberal and resistant to accountability. But there is a reason for this. College and universities today have become too expensive, which makes them seem too much focused on copious learning rather than helping students prepare for life after school.

One of the growing themes globally, when the colleges and universities are put under a microscope, is that a large majority of the people think and understand academic institutions as businesses that are more concerned about furthering their financial well being rather than educating students and serving their communities. While academic institutions and higher learning are seen https://math.berkeley.edu/~vojta/tex/ucbthesis-phd.html as the safest path to success in life and that obtaining a college degree is seen as a net benefit to the society, public universities today tend to operate in a way to benefit their financial coffers rather than the student they educate. There is simply no distinction between what’s a public institution and private.

Have academic institutions changed their basic mandate?

Higher learning institutions were established to serve their communities; hence they are not taxed and enjoy a host of other tax-related benefits based on the idea that they are charitable institutions. However, you have to wonder, has the academic institutions lost their meaning? If so, how? We’ll examine some of the missteps that the academic institutions of higher learning have taken over the years and which have led them to lean more towards the business side;

  • Tuition is becoming more and more expensive in public universities; today, public universities have increased the tuition fees to the extent that the less fortunate are priced out, meaning they cannot get a decent education.
  • Leadership inclined more on the business side; in most universities, executive positions are created and are often prefaced by the word executive directors. This is becoming much more common, which makes academic institutions of higher learning shift from university to a corporation.
  • No elections are done, leadership by appointments; you must have noted that in the higher learning institutions, administrative roles are given on appointments by a selection committee. Nowadays, deans are not elected.

These are just some of the reasons why there is a dramatic shift in the way academic institutions of higher learning conduct their businesses, to befit corporations. Higher educations have made more substantial strides, and while there is too much bureaucratization, this has brought with it some good. Colleges and universities today have gotten efficient in their thinking capacity and how they can flourish in the intensely competitive academic souk.


While academic institutions of higher learning have taken a completely different shift in the way, they conduct their day to day businesses, perhaps taking a business front has been much more advantageous. This has forced colleges to fight for their write essay for you place in a very competitive environment and also, this approach has made colleges and universities think of more thoughtful strategies with regards to priority setting, which has become more rational and resulted in efficient use of the resources.